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Release Date: March 12, 2007

Genre: Simulation

Language: English

Price: $4.99 (Shareware)

Supported OS: Microsoft Windows XP - Vista - 7 - 8

Version: 1.2.05 (Version History)

Product Info

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    "Bestseller" puts you in the shoes of an author. Your main objective is to get through the game, releasing books and rising up through the bestseller ranks to #1 in the world. You will take control over your players life, from the age of 17 to 98 years of age (that's if you live that long!).

    • During the course of the game you may write as many books as you choose to. During the writing process you can choose from 9 different genres (Action/Adventure, Crime, Erotica, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller or Western), 2 categories (Fiction or Non-Fiction), and select from 8 different book types (including Autobiography, Biography, Novel,Screenplay, Short Story, Comic Book (Adaption), Film/TV (Adaption), or Video Game (Adaption)).
    • Also on hand is the ability to select how much time goes into writing different areas of your book. Wether that be the book structure (Beginning/Setup, Climax or Resolution) or the book's focus points (including Depth/Detail, Story Pace and Plot). Also included is the ability to create sequal's to your books, name and enter book descriptions, as well as work on mass work compilation projects.
    • Not only can you control your character's business life, but you can also control his/her's social, and personal life! Open personal interactions include being able to buy/move out of home and upgrade your premises, taking substinces (both legal and illegal) including alcohol, cigarettes, and hullucgenic drugs (which all effect your player in different ways), being able to start a family (including dating, and every-day interactions), being able to gamble (includes 3 mini-games including Poker, Jacks-or-Better and Greyhound Racing), the ability to control your education level (3 levels of education, each with it's own mini-game, from high school TEE to university Bachelor of English), etc.
    • Take control of your child's player when you die, or die a single lonely death, the choice is yours (with over 6 different in-game deaths, including everything from heart attacks to cancer (caused by smoking) to even tragic, freak accidents (being killed in a car crash, or hit and run, etc).
    • The Create-A-Cover page allows for you to, at publishing time, create the front cover of your book from scratch. Select from 10 different book layouts, and 8 pre-made backgounds (or select from any 16 million colours, or import an image of your own!), you'll never be short of originality in your book covers. The ability to add your own caption is also available to you, as is the choice to select all fonts and up to 6 different text-colours on page.
    • The library is always open for you to visit, any day of the week (except weekends!). The library acts as a safe house where you can study up on your genre knowledge and become a better writer. With every skill requiring regular attention, you should soon be no stranger to the library.
    • Over 15 in-game publishers are available to you at any time to negotiate a contract with (and more can be added with the editor provided). Some will simply reject you (if you are an unknown author), where as some of the smaller publishers might pick you up. While negotiating you have the ability to choose your own custom contract, and if your lucky enough to have your publisher accept it and give you what you want, then your on a winning streak! Select from the term/length of the contract, how many books you will be signed to, the sales percentage from each book you will receive, if you need 'Creative Control' over your projects (this makes sure the publisher does not cancel your project if you are taking too long on it), as well as the award amount (to be paid for every book you release). Contract renewals and cancellations are also available.
    • Court can play a big part of your life in Bestseller. If you are a very successful author you may get the occational nut-case coming to you claiming you stole their story, and want to sue you. In other cases, you may be sued for neglegence by your publisher if you fail to keep up your end of the bargain when it comes to contracts (either if the contracts are timed out, or if you cancel them prematurely). Other cases include divorce disputes, and the claim of custody over your children (if you have any), as well as small things like tax-fraud (if you forget to pay your bills, or simply cannot!).
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    Have you ever though you could make it as a writer well in this simulation you get to put your prowess to the test. You control the life of an aspiring writer trying to get his work published, you make all the decisions. What kind of books will you write, will you get an education or will you be a self-study, how long do you spend on your book projects, negotiate with publishers for royalties. Can you write the next Harry Potter, try it and find out.

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